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Adopted by a world famous, myth-chasing archeologist, seventeen-year-old Norah Lukens has spent the last ten years basically raising herself. Why? Because her uncle, Dr. Jack A. Lukens has been off searching for and often proving that the world’s most famous myths are true. When Norah returns home from boarding school to find that her uncle’s myth-chasing days are over—over because he’s been murdered—she and her best friend James Riley set out on their own myth-chase to track down his killer. Submerged into a mythological world of deadly family feuds, magical stones, and giant fire-breathing bats, Norah soon discovers that the ancient Legend of the Cobbogothians found carved on Icelandic cave walls, is at the heart of everything. She also learns a thing or two about her own mysterious past.


Sam is a Space Man. He loves to build rockets and watch the stars. But when Sam notices the moon slowly vanishing a little each night, he sets out on a galactic adventure to rescue his friend. Sam soon learns that just because we can't see something, doesn't mean it isn't there.

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Ember and Ash are twin orphans with a magical secret. They live deep in the woods of a land where it is always winter, and where they are watched over by a flock of magical birds and a great, noble stag. When the sisters learn that the people in a nearby village are starving because of the winter, they soon realize that only they have the power to save them. Setting out on a quest to stop the winter once and for all, Ember and Ash soon discover that they aren’t the only ones keeping a magical secret. Fans of fairytales like Frozen, Snow and Rose, The Ice Queen, and the Polar Bear King will love Ember and Ash.


Sometimes adventure comes in the smallest packages. Illustration and simple, rhyming text reveal a mother’s love for her child and the wonderful adventure of being a parent.

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