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The Tidbit on Tutorials

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

I am super excited about sharing my first Creative Tutorial with you all! This was so fun to make, and I know you’ll have just as much fun trying your hand at Mixed Media Art for the first time, or (if you’re already a mixed media artist) brushing off or adding some new mixed media skills to your arsenal.

I just wanted to drop a line here and explain how these tutorials are going to work. Here on the blog I’ll give you a list of all the products you will need in order to create what I’ve created in the tutorial, plus some less expensive options for products. (Mixed Media Art supplies can really add up if you happen to be as curious as I am.)

Then I’ll post the tutorial broken into parts

on my YouTube channel over the course of a week or so, depending on how many steps each project needs. Once the entire tutorial is posted, I’ll create a blog post here on with all of the parts embedded into a single post to make them easier for you to access and return to when you get tripped up, or have a question, etc. (This is a great reason to subscribe to both my YouTube channel and my website! ;-) )

Why have I broken the tutorials up into so many parts? Well, I’ve found that eating a camel one bite at a time is much easier than trying to gulp down the whole thing at once. When I first started learning mixed media art—as well as every other creative craft I’ve explored in my life—I felt incredibly intimidated. I used to think to myself, “There’s no way I’ll ever be able to learn how to do that, let alone do it like (plug in the creator’s name I happened to be admiring at the time)!”

What I’ve discovered over the years, however, is that if I can find a class, or a book, or some other form of tutorial that walks me through a project step by step, then the whole learning and exploring process becomes much less daunting, and WAY more enjoyable!

So that’s the philosophy we’re taking with these tutorials; baby steps in order to make them as accessible and enjoyable for you as possible. Being creative is way too important to have you getting discouraged before you’ve even begun, right?

I hope you’ll try out my Mixed Media Mermaid Tutorial and see if Mixed Media Art is your own creative way!

Lots of Love,


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