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Catching Up!

Hey there, Creators!

So I hope you had a wonderful Holiday season. I did! I was super busy creating and selling paintings. Since December, I have created and sold 17 paintings! I feel so blessed and grateful for all those who have liked and purchased my art. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Other crazy things have been happening around here as well. My husband has decided to partner up with a friend and start a company. It is awesome and I've never been so proud of him or seen him so happy. Unfortunately, however, this decision has also inevitably led to us putting our home (and all of my flowers! Waaaaa!) up for sale. This decision, my creative friends, is why I have been MIA for the past two months.

The good news: a smaller place with no yard (or a much smaller one) means less cleaning and more creating! But let's be honest, you and I both know that I never cleaned my house anyway.

;-) Just kidding. I cleaned it . . . enough.

Annnnnnddd that note, here are some of my favorite and most recent creations from the past month:

I am now selling a painting a week, so if you like what you see and aren't following me on Instagram, my account is @hannieclarkcreative. As soon as I've finished one, I will be posting it for sale there first, so stay tuned!

You should be able to click on each of these pictures and it will take you to the time - lapse video on my YouTube channel of their creation. I hope you'll check them out. If you like what you see, feel free to comment, like, share, and/or subscribe. Every little bit helps me out so much!

Lots of Love!




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