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Documenting Progress

Hey Creators!

This is a short post today. I just wanted to let you know about my Mixed Media Time Lapse videos I've been posting each week on my YouTube channel.

Here's my latest piece "Berries n' Blooms."

I love seeing how a piece comes together, and I've been documenting my own process for a couple years now, because I learn so much in hindsight.

If you're in the process of learning a new creative skill, I highly recommend taking a few extra minutes to document your progress. Not only will you find it educational, but I think you'll also find it encouraging when you're able to look back at how far you've come. Whenever I'm discouraged with my progress, I always take a look at my @HannieClarkCreative chatbooks or scroll through my Instagram feed. It always gives me perspective, reminding me that the joy of creating is in the journey, not necessarily the end result.

Lot's of Love,




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