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Baby Unicorn Costume Tutorial

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Okay, since I didn't make a tutorial, or time lapse video of any kind for my YouTube channel for my daughter's Halloween costume, I decided to make up for it here.

This year, my little kitty wanted to dress up as a Unicorn, so I got the chance to make her costume. I'll be honest, it was a blast.

So, here's how I did it:

I used a pair of white hooded footie jams as the foundation for the costume that I purchased on Amazon. (The hood is important for building the mane.) I also got several skeins of satin ribbon for 50% off at Hobby Lobby. (Woo-hoo!) I used two sheets of white felt, and my girl picked these super cute unicorn glasses out at Zurchers.

I built the mane by sewing 30 button holes into a strip of white felt measured to the length that I wanted the mane.

Then, after sewing the strip onto the hood and down the back of the white hoodie jams, I cut six 1.5 ft ribbon strips of each color and tied them through the button holes. (Two ribbons per hole)

I also made sure to singe/melt the ends of each ribbon with a lighter in order to keep them from fraying.

When the mane was finished, I moved to the tail. I cut out three 3 ft strips of each color of ribbon, then folded them in half and knotted each end like this:

Then I began zig-zag stitching the ribbons together to create a strip like this:

After folding the strip of ribbons into an "S" formation, I then proceeded to sew each strip of ribbon onto another piece of felt in a waterfall formation.

I sewed the tail onto the hoodie jams.

Finally, cut the "footies" off of the jams and added a pair of boots to look like hooves (I was going to make black or grey spats out of felt, but ran out of time.). Then I attache a piece of elastic to the back of the unicorn glasses, and made sure my girl wore them over the hood to keep it in place (with all of those ribbons, the hood kept flopping back.) And here's the final cutie patootie in her unicorn costume:

Hope this is a fun one to add to your super easy DIY costume repertoire!

Lots of Love,




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