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Introducing: The "I Tried . . . " series!

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

So I've been trying anything creative that I could get my hands on for the past three years, and I've learned and relearned a lot of creative things I've neglected over the years. I can whole-heartedly say that exploring more creative outlets has improved my life exponentially. This fact has inspired me to introduce a new series on my YouTube channel. I'm calling it the "I Tried . . . " series.

The "I Tried" series will focus completely on me trying new creative ventures I've never tried before. For example, my most recent video is of my son and I making a hand puppet for a drama class assignment.

It was super fun to do, and I haven't done anything like it since I was a little younger than him. But, I am a HUGE fan of the Muppets, and I have ALWAYS wanted to learn how to make a more "muppet" esque kind of a puppet, but I've never known where to start. Well, fast forward to today when we have a lush landscape of online tutorials on YouTube, and I'm in the process of making one right now. I'll be posting this first "I Tried . . ." video very soon under the title of "I Tried Muppet Making." Whether or not the experiments for my "I Tried" vids actually work or not will all be part of the fun in watching, I think.

So, stay tuned as "I Try" more creative things I've never tried, but always wanted to try. And if you have any particular creative ventures you'd like to see me try, leave me a comment or shoot me an email. I'd love fresh ideas and to see just how many of these things I like, or don't like, or that I succeed at or totally bomb. Who knows, maybe you'll see something that looks fun to try yourself! That will be a definite success. :-)

Lots of Love,




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