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Nothing Gold Can Stay

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

Hi Creators!

Here is one of my latest Time Lapse Art vids. This piece was particularly enjoyable, as it has sentimental value to me. I used an old photograph of my grandmother's youngest sister, Naomi as the focal point. She is someone I never met, but have been told and have discovered that I have a lot in common with.

As I was reading about her a few weeks ago, I came across this photograph of her taken by her husband, and I thought it was so beautiful and soulful, that I wanted to make a memorial sort of piece of art using it as the focal point.

At the time, my son was also reading The Outsiders, and had just come home asking me about Robert Frost's famous poem quoted in it. After our conversation, I thought that "Nothing Gold Can Stay" was the perfect title for this painting, because in my reading, I learned that my aunt Naomi was taken too early due to cancer, and oh how I wish I could've met her.

I also happened to be painting this piece just as all of the beautiful autumn leaves were beginning to fall.

So, "Nothing Gold Can Stay" has a sort of three fold meaning to it. When I look at it, I will always think of how "Nothing Gold Can Stay" refers to the beautiful gold of autumn that always seems to pass too quickly, as well as to those we love who, for whatever reason, are too golden for this earth. And I will also always remember that an excited conversation with my favorite son (don't worry, I only have one--son, not favorite ;-)) about one of my favorite poems, (I have MANY) inspired me to name it so.

So there you go, art can mean so many different things all at once, and especially to different people. I hope that "Nothing Gold Can Stay" inspires you to hold your loved ones a little closer, mend bonds that may be broken, and for goodness sakes, take some time to roll around in those beautiful golden leaves with your kiddies before they (the leaves and the kiddies) are all gone!

Lots of Love,


p.s. If you haven' perused my website recently, I am now offering to create custom memorial art like you see here for you and your loved ones this Christmas. Go ahead and click the "Order" tab above for more info on how you can order your's in time for the Holidays!



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